Swimming with Jordan

Jump on in, the water's fine!


Will my child learn to swim?

If your child is age 3 and up, then YES, they have the physical strength and coordination to swim a short distance in the pool (along with taking a breath at some point during that distance).  I do have several 2 year olds that swim, it just depends on  strength, motor development, coordination, and their comfort level in the water.  Do NOT be discouraged if your 2 year old does not swim perfectly!  They WILL be able to begin learning underwater breath control, as well as learn to use their arms and legs appropriately to move through the water.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full by the first day of your child’s swim lesson.  No exceptions.  I encourage you to mail cash or check when you schedule your lesson (9141 Locarno Dr, Dallas 75243) as there is a $25 deposit required, or you may bring payment in full the first day of your lesson.  Your child will NOT be able to attend lessons beyond the first day without payment.  I accept CASH or CHECK only.

In order to reserve your spot, there is a $25 deposit required when you schedule your lessons.  This is non-refundable, but will be applied to your total lesson cost.  (For example, if your child signs up for a group lesson at $85/wk, and you have paid your deposit, the remaining balance of $60 is due the day of their first lesson).  I recommend mailing in payment in full prior to your lesson.  If you need to cancel, you will receive a refund minus the $25 non-refundable deposit.

Can I stay and watch the lesson?

Only on Thursdays (“Show off Day”), and on Thursdays you are welcome to stay the whole lesson, take pictures, video, etc.  All other days lessons are DROP OFF ONLY, meaning you will drop off your child and wait in front of the house until their lesson is over.  No parents/siblings/etc will be allowed to remain by the pool during lesson times.  You may come back for the last 5 minutes of each lesson and we can show off what they learned that day.

Thursdays are SHOW OFF days!!

Every Thursday is a SHOW OFF day!  Please feel free to bring cameras, video, etc, and we will make it a fun day as the children show off to family & friends what they have learned.  Grandparents and family galore are welcome!  Celebrate your child’s accomplishments!!!

Are there any treats?

Of course!  Swim Lessons wouldn’t be as much fun without TREATS!  Your child is welcome to choose ONE treat after each lesson from the Treasure Chest!  We celebrate and encourage their participation in the water each day and reward that with a treat.

What about sunscreen?

PLEASE use sunscreen.  But PLEASE do NOT apply sunscreen on your child 2 minutes before they enter the water.  It comes right off and leaves a slimy film which is not fun for children who are opening their eyes underwater.  PLEASE apply sunscreen to your child BEFORE getting in the car to come to your lesson and allow AT LEAST 20 minutes for it to soak into their skin.  Excessive sunscreen can damage my filter.

Do you teach advanced swimmers?

Yes!  I have Junior Olympic Swimming experience myself, and use that expertise to teach advanced skills to swimmers for swim team placement and advancement, etc.  There is always room for stroke enhancement, mastering a flip turn, etc.  🙂

Do you recommend goggles? 

Sure!  If a child is nervous in the water, sometimes using goggles is a fun way for them to realize that they can see underwater!  Other children simply like to open their eyes underwater.  It just depends on the child.  Feel free to bring goggles to the lesson.  I will also have several pairs handy for them to try if they like.  Some love them, some do not!  Either way is okay.  My favorite goggles for children:  Speedo brand with the SOFT BLACK FOAM as the lining.  (plastic linings can be uncomfortable for children).  Find them on amazon.com, target, etc.

Will you throw my child in the water?

Never!  That is not an appropriate way for a child to learn that swimming is fun.  We will work with breath control underwater based on each child’s comfort level, and work on safety skills for jumping into the pool.  But we will never throw a child into the water.

What kinds of things do you teach my child?

Safety, safety, safety!  Safety is my highest priority, that being achieved by unique and fun drills that will promote their comfort level in the water, as well as enable them to learn skills that can save their life.  We work on learning to blow bubbles, kicking well, moving their arms in a freestyle stroke pattern, floating on their backs, how to return to the wall swimming, underwater breath control, treading water, and more!

Do you teach adults?

YES!  Please contact me to schedule adult private lessons.

What happens if my child is sick?

Please do not bring your child to their swim lesson if they are sick.  They will not enjoy their time in the water, and we want to protect all little ones from spreading an illness.  Make sure your child has been fever free for 24 hrs prior to attending a lesson.  Pending availability, a child may make up that lesson during a regularly scheduled lesson time on alternate week, but I can not guarantee a make up.  Fridays are reserved solely for lessons that need to be made up due to inclement weather cancellations.

What about refunds?

If you need to cancel your week of lessons, please provide at least 2 weeks notice to allow time for me to fill their slot, then I will be happy to provide you with a refund.  If your child misses one day of lessons due to an illness, I will do my best to accommodate with a make-up lesson.

What about parking?

Please park in front of the house (in the correct direction of traffic).  When you are facing the house, use the gate on the LEFT side of the house to enter to the pool.

Are restrooms available?

**NO**  Restrooms will not be available.  Please encourage your child to use the restroom before they attend the lesson.  I will have bottled water / juice boxes for AFTER the lesson, so please limit the liquids beforehand.

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